How to Use Bartending School to Get A Job

How to Use Bartending School to Get A Job

Bartending school can be a great way to get a job
or bartending school can be a waste of time and money
with no long term benefits.

Before giving a bartending school any money, you need
to find out everything about their job placement assistance.

The school will probably not be allowed to “guarantee”
you a job. This is often times a legal issue. So don’t
get crazy on them because you want some sort of
guaranteed employment. They aren’t allowed to make
that kind of promise, the same as any college or
university that answers to the state board of education.
If they can legally tell you that they will get you a job,
RUN AWAY.  If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Also, if you can’t get out there and find a job bartending
on your own, you’re probably going to have problems
finding jobs no matter what career you try. A great bartender
is a motivated, self starter.

Most bartenders as of this writing, don’t go to bartending
school, and get jobs using one of the two previous methods.
There are bartending students that get bartending jobs while
going to bartending school.

After you complete bartending school the best way to get
a job is start applying everywhere. You must continue reinforcing
what you learned in class and expanding your knowledge.

A good employer will see the value of your efforts and not
care about you attending a bartending school.
Employers that say they will never hire someone that attended
a bartending school are more than likely assholes.
I don’t say this because of their opinion, I say this because
a great hiring manager is going to be able to identify great
The only things that matter when hiring a bartender are:

  • Personality
  • Trainability
  • Desire

When you combine these traits with someone that made an
effort to learn the fundamentals of the trade on their own,
you have a great candidate to put behind the bar.

What you need to do after bartending school is get ready
to sell yourself and meet any objections that a potential
employer may present.
One of the best ways to do this is to change you.

Get a copy of How to Win Friends & Influence People

Read this book all the way through once and then read one
chapter a day everyday until you get a job.
This simple task will be the biggest improvement you can
make in your bartending career.

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