Ice Machine

Ice Machine

The ice machine is the under appreciated, work horse, necessity of the bar.

When it breaks, you will hate life.

So let’s take care of it, because everyone else doesn’t.

Absolute rules that shall not be broken.

  1. NEVER EVER leave the ice scoop inside the machine.
    It is a health code violation and when the ice refills
    and buries the scoop, guess whose hand is going to be
    frozen trying to feel around for it.
  2. NEVER leave the ice scoop inside the machine.
    Whose filthy nasty hands had to fish through the ice
    to find it?
  3. Refer to Rules 1 & 2.

Typically ice machines drop the ice in the back.

That means it piles up back to front.

When you’re done filling your buckets, make sure you use

the scoop to pull the ice in the back, to the front of the bin.

There are sensors that can tell if the machine is full.

It won’t drop ice if it thinks it’s full.

So creating that space in back will ensure that more ice
is made every time you take some.

Running out of ice is really bad, and costly.

The reason it’s costly is because someone has to go buy
bags of ice to keep things going until you close.

Keep the ice machine and your bar clean, so they continue to work for you.