How old do you have to be to bartend in Colorado?

Colorado – 18

The age to bartend in Colorado is 18 years of old.

Here is a link to the Colorado state website where you can read the rules that cover the bartending age.

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Regulation 47-913. Age of Employees.

Basis and Purpose. The statutory authority for this regulation includes, but is not limited to, subsections
44-3-202(1)(b), 44-3-202(2)(a)(I)(A), and 44-3-202(2)(a)(I)(R), C.R.S. The purpose of this regulation is to
define permitted and prohibited roles for a liquor licensee’s employees based upon the employee’s age.

A. Nothing within this regulation shall authorize a licensee to permit a person under the age of
eighteen (18) to sell, dispense, serve, or participate in the sale, dispensing, or service of alcohol

B. Except as otherwise provided by this regulation, a licensee shall not permit a person who is at
least eighteen (18) years of age but less than twenty-one (21) years of age to sell, dispense, or
serve alcohol beverages unless the employee is supervised by another person who is on the
licensed premises and is at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

Colorado Bartender Wages

  • Workers on average earn $13.12 per hour.
  • 10% of workers earn $12.32 or less per hour.
  • 10% of workers earn $27.76 or more per hour.


  • Age Requirement: The legal drinking age in Colorado is 21 years old. Bartenders must be at least 21 years old to serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Responsible Alcohol Service: Colorado emphasizes responsible alcohol service. Bartenders are expected to check IDs to ensure customers are of legal drinking age. They may be held liable if they serve alcohol to underage individuals or visibly intoxicated patrons.
  • Training and Certification: Colorado does not have a specific statewide requirement for bartenders to undergo training or obtain certification. However, some individual establishments may require bartenders to complete responsible alcohol service training, such as TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) or similar programs.
  • Serving Hours: Colorado allows alcohol to be served in bars, restaurants, and other licensed establishments until 2:00 a.m. However, local ordinances may have different rules, so it’s important to check with the specific jurisdiction where you intend to work.
  • Open Container Laws: Colorado law permits open containers of alcohol in designated areas, such as entertainment districts or certain public events, but it’s generally illegal to have open containers of alcohol in vehicles.

Please note that these are general guidelines, and there may be additional local regulations or variations in specific areas of Colorado. If you plan to work as a bartender in Colorado, it’s crucial to research and comply with the specific laws and regulations in your area. Consulting the Colorado Department of Revenue or local alcohol control boards can provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.