Basic Cocktails

Basic Drinks for Bartending

This list of drinks is just to get you started.
It isn’t some master list of drinks and there are plenty of drinks
that could be added to this list.

I just want to give you a place to start.
Over the 23 years behind the bar I’ve made every one of these drinks.

The drink was either ordered by the customer or I suggested it.

One of the tricks you can use to help memorize drinks is pick a drink
of the day.  During the day recite the ingredients of that drink.

When you get a bartending job, you sell the drink of the day, at least once.
It’s a fun challenge and it helps with keeping you on top of your game.

  1. Learn the ingredients.
  2. Learn the amounts.
    Amounts can change at different bars.
    The reasons could be:
    Glass sizes are larger or smaller.
    The standard pour for a drink is larger or smaller. A bars standard pour could be 1oz., 1 ¼ oz., 1 ½ oz. Or something else.
    It just depends on the bar.
  3. Ratios. If you understand the basic ratios of the drinks then
    changing the amounts is easier.