How to Move Your Career with Bartending.

Getting your degree can be a financial challenge.
Reducing the burden of paying for school will
make things easier.

Many students get jobs while going to school.
Sometimes these jobs don’t pay well and take
up a lot of time.

Bartending pays more money per hour than most
part time college jobs. This means that you can
work less hours to make ends meet.
Working less will give you more time to study.

Being a bartender will help with networking and
developing your social skills. There are lots
of different types of people that go to bars.
As a bartender you can take advantage of this
pool of professionals.

Getting face time with people can be difficult
in the working world. When you’re behind the
bar all of those important people want face time
with you. You can meet people in your field of
study that get to watch how you work and handle
This can lead to getting a resume in front of
a company that will launch your career.

Quit waiting for the perfect time to start on that
next level of education.
Become a bartender so you can earn money with less
Network your way into that dream job.
Enhance those social skills.
Live and work with less stress.

Don’t wait until you’re 65 to enjoy life.

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