Bar Sink

The Bar Sink

bar sink

This is a typical bar sink

It has 3 basins to hold wash, rinse and sanitize water.

Of course a faucet with hot and cold water.

A long spigot to reach all 3 sinks.

Sometimes an additional extension is added to the spout
so that it can reach over the front of the sink.

This can be used to fill buckets or anything that won’t fit in
the sink.

The left and right sides have space to put dirty glassware

and equipment that needs to be washed.

Usually the dirty glasses are placed on the left side and
clean on the right side. The right side is where the glasses
air dry.

The steps to washing glasses are simple.

  • Wash
  • Rinse
  • Sanitize

We don’t dry glasses with bar towels that’s a Hollywood,
movie, T.V. thing.

Notice the speed well attached to the front.

This is common. It’s a place to keep liquor that you
want fast access to.