How to barback your way to head bartender.

How to barback your way to head bartender.

While working as the barback you need to shine.

You will be ran and used for everything that’s needed.
We covered that in What is a Barback?

In order to make your way into actual bartending
you need to work harder than everyone else.
If this seems unfair, then you’re probably not
going to be a very good bartender anyway.

Outwork everyone and then do more. This type of
work ethic will give you an edge that everyone else
will envy.

If it’s dirty, clean it. If it’s broken, fix it.

The more you work at it the less people will ask
for things, because you will have things in place
before the bartender realizes it’s needed.

That is money in your pocket. It will also show
management that you have what is needed to serve

This is a key element in getting recognized as
someone that can handle high volume shifts.
Being prepared is so important in this business.


Also make it a point to memorize as many drinks as
possible. Learn two new drinks a day. When you hear
a customer order a drink, take note of it and learn
that drink.

When bartenders don’t know what’s in a drink they ask
another bartender the recipe. If you know recipes
then you can be the one everyone asks.

This will be another reason for management to give you
a bartending shift.

The barback usually doesn’t have a lot of customer
interaction. Being friendly with guests and staff
will show everyone that you have that extremely
important bartending skill. PERSONALITY.

When you are rocking out, what can sometimes be a
lousy job, people take notice and say good things
about you.

Managers hear these good things, and when you ask
for that chance to bartend it is much more likely
that yes will be the answer.


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