How old do you have to be to bartend in Alabama?

Alabama – 21

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The Alabama Responsible Vendor Program is a voluntary program that allows licensees to become certified through the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Alabama’s program requires the licensee to train all employees who are involved in the management, sale and/or service of alcoholic beverages. This training includes Alabama alcoholic beverage laws, legal age determination, civil and criminal penalties, and risk reducing techniques. Licensees who voluntarily join the program are also required to establish policies ensuring legal, responsible sales and to train employees in these policies.

It is prohibited for persons under the age of 21 to dispense or serve alcohol. The only exception is that licensees who hold a retail restaurant license (020 license type) and are certified in the Responsible Vendor Program, may hire 19 and 20 year old servers.


SOC Detailed Occupation Measure Names Measure Values
35-3011 Bartenders Experienced Annual 27195
35-3011 Bartenders Mean Annual 24327
35-3011 Bartenders Entry Annual 18517
35-3011 Bartenders Experienced Hourly 13.08
35-3011 Bartenders Mean Hourly 11.69
35-3011 Bartenders Entry Hourly 8.9
35-3011 Bartenders Estimated Employment 3730