Bartending License

There is no such thing as a “Bartending License”. In any state. Have you ever asked how to become a licensed bartender? Some people don’t realize that there is no bartending license. Becoming a bartender doesn’t require some sort of state or national standard. There is no standardized testing given by the Board of Education …

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5 Reasons Why People Tip and How To Use It

Knowing why people tip can be a powerful tool. Michael Lynn of the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration wrote a paper called: “Service Gratuities and Tipping: A Motivational Framework.” This article dives into what makes people want to tip. As bartenders we can take a lot from this paper to better understand how and why our customers tip. Having this information …

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How To Free Pour

How To Free Pour and Why You Should. Simply put, Free Pouring, is when you turn a bottle and let the liquid flow without anything, but you, stopping the pour. There are Measured Bottle Pourers that are often used at bars. These pour a calibrated amount of liquid and automatically stop. Most bartenders hate these …

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