Bartending Age

How old do you have to be to bartend?

Each state governs its own alcohol laws.
Below is a list of states and the minimum age to bartend.
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StateAge to BartendState AgencyTraining Requirement
Alaska21Alcoholic Beverage Control BoardMandatory
Alabama21Alabama ABC BoardVoluntary
Arizona19Arizona Department of LiquorVoluntary
Arkansas21Arkansas ABCServer Book
California21California ABC
Colorado18Colorado ABC
Connecticut18Connecticut Liquor Control
Delaware21Delaware ABC
Florida18TIPS Florida
Hawaii18Hawaii Liquor Control
Idaho19Idaho ABC
Illinois21Illinois Liquor Control Commision
Indiana21Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission
Iowa18Iowa ABD
Kentucky21Kentucky ABC
Louisiana18Louisiana Alcohol Control
Maine18Maine ABC
Maryland21Maryland ABC
Massachusetts18Massachusetts ABC
Michigan18Michigan Liquor Control (PDF)
Minnesota18Minnesota-AST Trainer List
Mississippi21Mississippi ABC
Missouri21Missouri Alcohol Control
Montana18Montana Department of Revenue
Nebraska18Nebraska Liquor Control
Nevada21Nevada ABC
New Hampshire18New Hampshire Liquor Commission
New Jersey18New Jersey ABC
New Mexico21New Mexico
New York18New York Liquor Authority
North Carolina21North Carolina RASP
North Dakota19North Dakota ABC
Ohio21Ohio ASK
Oregon21Oregon Liquor Control
Pennsylvania18Pennsylvania RAMP
Rhode Island18Rhode Island
South Carolina21
South Dakota21
Tennessee18Tennessee ABC
Texas18Texas TABC
Utah21Utah ABCMandatory
Vermont18Vermont Liquor Control
Virginia21Virginia RSVP
Washington21Washington MAST
West Virginia18
Wisconsin18Wisconsin DOR
Wyoming21Wyoming ABC

Every state has its own bartending age.

The age to bartend is at least 18, but might be 19 or 21 years old.

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