A Clean Bar Makes More Money

Keep A Clean Bar


Make More Money With A Clean Bar

Keeping your bar clean is about more than doing side-work for the business.

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A clean bar has a psychological effect on you and your guests.

A well organized, clean bar serves more drinks, faster than a bar where chaos is the rule.

It is much easier to make drinks quickly when surfaces and equipment are free
of sticky residue, and less clutter prevents things from dropping, falling and spilling.

“In 2011, researchers at Princeton University found that clutter can actually make it more difficult to focus on a particular task. Specifically, they found that the visual cortex can be overwhelmed by task-irrelevant objects, making it harder to allocate attention and complete tasks efficiently”.


The best way to keep your bar efficient is CLEAN AS YOU GO.  It might seem
obvious but people that don’t do this always make things harder for themselves, especially
when it gets busy.

Nobody wants a pig behind the bar

Unless it’s Arnold from Green Acres.

A mess behind the bar makes it difficult to keep track of supplies and inventory.
It also attracts pests.  Fruit flies, rodents, roaches and filthy, unwanted customers.
They’re the only ones that will stick around, because they don’t care.  Just like the
pig tending bar.

A clean bar has a huge impact on who or what comes into the bar.  Go to a filthy
bar and see what frequents there.  You won’t be surprised.  It will be a good
lesson in what not to do.

People you work with might not clean, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to
be a slob.  Establish yourself as the clean bartender.  You will get noticed
and give yourself the opportunity to leave the pig sty.  When you get to your new
job you will already have good habits that help you fit in and start making
some good cash.

Busy bartenders get better tips

When the bartender always looks busy, but is still able to get everyone their drinks,
customers tend to tip better.

Keep busy when it’s slow by doing some light cleaning and general maintenance.
You can still engage your guests while working, and sometimes it’s easier to
keep a conversation flowing when your active.  It also can help a dead conversation
end without that uncomfortable, in an elevator, feeling.

When a bartender looks out of control, in the weeds and can’t keep up, they
don’t get tipped well.  This is why it is so important to keep things in order
all of the time, even when it’s slow.

You need to condition your brain to always get things from the same location.
This type of conditioning will ensure your shifts run smooth every time you get
behind that bar.

People will be very impressed with how well you move and get things done,
compared to other bartenders when confronted with the same volume of customers.

Why will this happen?  Because you always keep things clean and organized.

Lookin’ Good. Feelin’ Good.

The simple changes you made are paying off.  Sales are up and so are tips.

This clean bar thing actually works and people notice.

More customers are coming in and more are staying.  Food sales have gone up.

All of this is a direct reflection on you.  It gets you noticed by customers, co-workers,
managers and owners.  Not just the owners of your bar, but by other owners and
managers that want good bartenders.

By performing some simple tasks, that everyone should do, you have increased
your value as a bartender.  When this happens you will start getting offers to go
work other places.

People want good people to work for them.  What you do reflects on you and
everything surrounding you.  This can attract good things or bad things, but
it all depends on you.