Do You Know the Classifications of Alcohol?

What are the classifications of alcohol?

classifications of alcohol

Alcohol is a colorless liquid that is made by fermenting yeast, sugars and starches.
It can be made from any fruit, grain or vegetable.

There are several classifications of alcohol.

The ABC’s of alcohol classification – A, B, C, W, S

Classifications of Alcohol

A: Aperitif

An Aperitif is usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite.

A Digestif is served after a meal to help with digestion.  These are usually sweet.

There are two primary aperitifs that we use in bartending.

Dry Vermouth is usually used for Martinis.

Sweet Vermouth is used in Manhattans.

These are wines fortified with brandy.  They are flavored with aromatics, botanicals, herbs and spices.

B: Beer

The two types of beer are:

  • Ale – Top fermented
  • Lager – Bottom fermented

There are of course many styles of beer made from these.
Here are some examples:

  • Pale Ale
  • India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Stout
  • Porter

C: Cordials

These are spirits that have been sweetened and flavored.
This is a list of some cordials.

Apple schnapps
Banana schnapps
Blueberry schnapps
Butterscotch schnapps
Cinnamon schnapps
Cranberry schnapps
Lime schnapps
Peach schnapps
Peppermint schnapps
Pineapple schnapps
Raspberry schnapps
Root beer schnapps
Sour schnapps (consider orange, grape, apple, cherry)
Spearmint schnapps
Strawberry schnapps
Vanilla schnapps
Almond liqueur
Coconut amaretto
Melon liqueur
Orange Curacao
Veev (acai spirit)
Fireball (cinnamon whisky)
Chocolate liqueur
Tuaca (Italian orange vanilla liqueur)
Licor 43 (Spanish liquor)
Sweet tea liqueur
Grand Marnier
Triple sec
Crème de menthe, white
Crème de menthe, green
Crème de cacao, white
Crème de cacao, dark
Blue Curacao
Kahlua/Coffee liqueur
Hazelnut liqueur
Irish cream
Southern Comfort
Irish Mist
Sloe gin
St. Germaine Elderflower liqueur
Pama (pomegranate liqueur)
Cachaca (sugar cane spirit from Brazil)
Soho (lychee-flavored liqueur)
Agavero (tequila and damiana flower licor)
Pisco (the Peruvian national drink)
Domaine de Canton (ginger liqueur)
Tarantula Azul Tequila (lemony tequila liquor)
Flavored brandies: banana, blackberry, apricot, cherry
Crème de cassis
Crème de violette
Pimm’s Cup

W: Wine

Made from fermented fruit. Usually grapes.
There are 4 kinds of wine.

  • Red
  • White
  • Rose
  • Sparkling

ABV: Approximately  6% – 21%

S: Spirits

Vodka, Gin, Run, Tequila, Whiskey, Brandy.

You can read about the 6 Spirits here.


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