Sleeping With Bartenders

Sleeping With Bartenders

I Click Baited you.

It should read Sleeping For Bartenders.

Bartenders have a real problem at the end of the night.

Getting to sleep.

You just finished a long shift, served a million drinks, dealt
with customers all night and now your brain is spinning  and
your body is still in GO mode.  It can be really hard to sleep.

It might seem like a good idea to have a few drinks to help
you sleep.  It isn’t.  Maybe watching something on TV or
videos on your phone will be good.  It isn’t.
Unplug for the night.

Let’s look at some ideas that work and you can use one of
them or come up with something that works best for you.

Breathing and Meditation.

Meditation works.  It doesn’t require you to learn a new
philosophy or adopt a religion.  It’s about calming your
mind and taking control of yourself, that’s really all you need
out of it.  If you want to do something more with it then go

Listening to something soothing and relaxing is a good way
to learn meditation.  When I was first learning remote viewing
I would fall asleep listening to audio sounds called Hemi-Sync.
When I break the meditation habit this is how I get back into it.

Breathing techniques are great, I use them everyday.  If I need
get to sleep I use the Wim Hof breathing method.  You can
find all of the information on this method just by doing a search
online.  There are plenty of YouTube videos on it.  He even has
an app that you can use.

You may not like the idea of meditation, but finding a good
breathing technique will eventually put you there.


Decide on some good post work habits.  Make a list of the
habits, pick one that’s easy and start doing it every night.
Trying to make a bunch of changes all at once usually
results in quitting all of them.

Set an alarm and wake up everyday at the same time.
Falling into the habit of sleeping all day until your shift starts
is super easy to do.  One day you wake up and realize that
5 years have gone by and another 5 are ready blow by you.
Get up, get out and do something during the day.  This will
help you get to sleep at night.  Your routine will tell your body
your tired and it’s time to sleep.


Keep it simple and quick.  Workout at least 3 times per week.
I’m not some fitness guru, monkey.  Exercise works for helping
you sleep.  No need for crazy workouts or memberships.
You can do it all without equipment or smelly gyms.
And it can be done in under 30 minutes.  This can be part of
your morning routine.  It will give you the energy you want
for the rest of the day.


This can be a volatile topic and I’m no expert.
You might be hungry after work.  If you can get into the habit
of not eating before you sleep that would be a good thing.
If you are going to eat, I recommend not eating any sugar or
carbohydrates.  I’m not getting preachy here.  It has to do with
how our bodies process different foods.
The better you eat the better you will perform.  Do what’s
good for you.

Don’t believe the government food pyramids or recommendations.
Don’t believe documentaries by people like James Wilks or Kip Anderson.

Stay healthy and fit using what works for your body, not your ideals.

Leave It At Work

What happened at work, stays at work.  Don’t drag all of that
baggage home at the end of the night.  It might seem difficult at
first, but learn not to care about it after you leave.  I’m talking about
the stupid B.S. that happens with customers and the snapping at each
other that can happen with co-workers.  Just get over it and leave
it at the door when you leave.  You can pick it up tomorrow when you
walk back in.  Home should be a nice place.  A place where you can run
with scissors and not care.

I hope this gets you started on getting good sleep as a bartender.
If you don’t have problems then good.  If you start having sleep
problems this article can point you in the right direction,

Make great drinks and then sleep well.

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