Mixologist vs Bartender. What’s Your Passion?

What is the difference between a Bartender and a Mixologist?

Mixologist vs BartenderSome would argue that a mixologist is just a fancy term  
for bartender. Just because a bartender calls themselves a
mixologist doesn’t mean that they’re good at mixology.

Almost all bartenders are in a sense a mixologist, but not
all mixologists bartend.
Some people just love to create amazing drinks and not deal
with all of the crazy that can come with working behind a bar.


A bartender is someone that works behind a bar and serves
customers alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
They keep the bar clean and stock inventory.
Bartenders also interact with guests in a professional manner
that is social and entertaining.

Usually this is a temporary or second occupation. People use
bartending to pay for school or supplement another income.

A bartender is a mixologist. How good they are at mixology
depends on the individual.

What is Mixology?

Mixology is the craft of combining ingredients to make
The ingredients can be alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Mixologists use all kinds of different ingredients mixed
with spirits and cordials to create drinks..
Typical items include Juice, Water, Cream or Milk, Carbonated
soft drinks.
Other things used are spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables
nuts, seeds and pretty much any kind of food.
O.K. maybe not meats and cheeses, but I’m sure someone out
there has used them.

Mixology is like being a master chef of cocktail creation.
They use traditional recipes and methods but can also be
crazy creative when it comes to new drink ideas.

A bartender would be more like a cook working in a diner
or restaurant where the menu is standard and going there
is more about great service rather than superior food.
However a good bartender also knows how to make some
great drinks.

What it comes down to is that a bartender is great at selling
drinks and getting people to try new things. The mixologist
creates the new drinks and builds on old ideas with new
ingredients and technologies.

When you are able to do both and constantly improve these
skills you can become a highly desired asset in the

This means great opportunities and big money can be

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