The Positive Relationship

How does a positive relationship help a bartender?

Establishing and maintaining a positive relationship
with co-workers is an excellent way to improve business.
A business that does well is a lot nicer work in, and
you make more money.

A bar that brings in good money usually creates a
better working environment. People are happier
performing their jobs and it’s easier for everyone
to get along.

A positive relationship with co-workers will encourage
people to help you when you need it.
They will see things that need to be done and they’ll want to help.
You will do the same for them and work becomes easier
for everybody.

When people get along at your job, you show up wanting to be
there. Co-workers like working with you, and having fun becomes
a regular thing.

Keep things Friendly

The good relationships that are built will make conflicts
less likely to happen.
One of the worst things that can happen is a blow out among
staff, in front of customers.
Even if you pull someone away from the customers to resolve
a problem, that bad energy will follow you back out to the
customers. A positive relationship will allow the problems to be resolved later and will be less likely to hurt business.

When customers walk into the bar and they see that the staff
gets along and enjoys working together it sets a good tone.

This good tone puts customers in a good mood.
They are easier to wait on and tend to be more patient
when it gets busy.
They start to feel like they are a friend of the family.

Stress Free is Good Business

The atmosphere is less stressful and that puts people at ease,
in any environment. This at ease feeling helps build trust and
customers will be more likely to buy better quality drinks
and food. Other customers will see this and start to ask for those better
items. This is good for sales and great for the customers experience.

The good mood of the crowd is contagious.
Sometimes this is referred to as Emotional Contagion.
It is pretty amazing how you can influence an entire
group of people on your own. This includes customers and co-workers.

It takes time and practice, but the benefits of positive relationships
start to show quickly. You will begin to notice subtle changes in
customers. They want to be a part of something good.
The ones that are usually a downer don’t change completely,
but they start to become less miserable. They realize,
subconsciously, that they can’t beat the good vibes and
happier people get better service.

When your team is getting along, the
Emotional Contagion does more than change the mood of
It will reach beyond the walls of the bar.

Build It and They Will Come

When people are deciding where to go they will think
about the OK places and the “fun place”. That fun place
is your bar. The one where the staff gets along and has a
good time. Problems are few and far between. Your team
actually cares about each other and the guests.
That is what builds a long term bar business that earns
good money every night of the week.

The staff will start talking about the great money they
made on slower shifts. Nights that were normally bad
or just OK, turn into good money for anyone.

Other bars and restaurants have staff that need a good
bar to frequent during the week. They want a place
that is fun and the staff is good at the job.
These folks are where the money is.
A positive relationship is important to these people. It
keeps them coming back on a regular basis and they are
usually easy to wait on and tip really well.

Another benefit of building a positive relationship with your team is
getting people to work your shifts, when you want time off.
When you get along well with people they are more likely to pick up
the extra shifts that you need covered.
They make some extra cash and when they want time
off, you’ll be there for them, to work a shift.

That positive relationship building is also a great way to
get better shifts. When management sees you getting along
well with everyone, it’s easy for them to put you on for
the big money nights. They know that you’ll fit in and
get things done.

Take Action Now

Start working on these positive relationships now.
Make the changes by reading self help books.

Watch videos, listen to podcasts that talk about the
benefits of having a positive relationship with others.
Make one small change today. Once you set it in place
make another change and keep working on these small
changes. In a short time you will start to see big differences
in your work life and personal life.


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