The Most Important People In The Bar?

Who are the most important people in the bar?

Usually when people are asked this question they give what they think is
the right answer.  The Customer.


Now this doesn’t mean that the customer isn’t important. Without them
you aren’t going to make money.

Let me explain.
Years ago I tended bar with a guy named Jeff.
Jeff is now a successful bar and restaurant owner.
One night when we were done working and counting money
he asked me who the most important people were in a bar.

Of course I gave him the textbook answer, “the guest”.
He told me I was wrong and explained.

The most important people are the employees. If the staff
is happy then the customers will get great service, spend more
and come back.
This in turn makes the boss happy because the money is coming in.

Brilliant philosophy. Which is why he is so successful as an owner.

When you begin to look at this business with this type of perspective
you will start to see an increase in sales and your bottom line.



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