What is Propolis and why should I care?

Propolis is made by bees and is used for your health and wellness.

The stuff is great. You can buy it in a spray.

Just aim it into the back of your throat and squirt.

It helps boost your immune system.Propolis spray

Every bartender is exposed to germs every shift.
Using Propolis spray can help keep you stay strong so you don’t crash.

We know that Talking to Customers can be good for business.
Unfortunately they sometimes give us more than conversation,
especially during cold and flu season.

Being prepared to combat the germs is up to you.

This product will help keep you going so that you can make the drinks that people want.
It is super convenient, because the bottle is easy to carry.

Bees make all kinds of great things that people can use.  Propolis and honey are just two examples.

Go look at all of the benefits of propolis and other Bee stuff by clicking HERE.


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