Bartending License

There is no such thing as a “Bartending License”. In any state.

Have you ever asked how to become a licensed bartender?
Some people don’t realize that there is no bartending license.

Becoming a bartender doesn’t require some sort of state or national standard.
No standardized testing given by the Board of Education is given to determine
a persons ability to work as a bartender.

There are bartending schools that advertise a bartending license as part of their program.
They might be using the term, on websites or advertising, in order to attract people
to their program. I see nothing wrong with that as long as they clarify that actual bartending
doesn’t require a license.
If they’re misleading you with that then you might want to reconsider going to their school

Some states do require that you take some sort of Alcohol Service

This training will teach you about:

  • Your legal responsibilities when serving alcohol.
  • How to responsibly serve Alcohol.
  • Not over serving customers.
  • Specific State Laws.
  • Spotting fake IDs.

Two examples of programs that cover this type of training are
Server Safe and TIPS.

If you want to be a bar tender then find a State approved program and take that course.

Do this even if your state doesn’t require it.
This will be a PLUS when applying for jobs and show that you
are a responsible bartender.

Here are a few links for some states.





New York





4 Steps to Getting a Bartending Job
This free pdf explains the process.
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