How To Free Pour

How To Free Pour and Why You Should.

Simply put, Free Pouring, is when you turn a bottle and let the liquid flow
without anything, but you, stopping the pour.

There are Measured Bottle Pourers that are often used at bars.
These pour a calibrated amount of liquid and automatically stop.
Most bartenders hate these because they don’t always work, especially
if they aren’t kept clean, which often happens in the less professional

When it comes to Free Pouring you want have Bottle Pourers that give a nice, even flow.

This even flow is important for you because this will keep your pours consistent.

When pouring hold the bottle at an angle. I suggest a 1 O’clock position for the right hand
or an 11 O’clock position with the left hand. Either side should be at least a 45 degree angle.
Once you get a good feel for pouring you will find that sweet spot that works for you.

How much should you pour?

This where you want to learn a solid and universal counting system for pouring.

The 4 count.

A count of:

4 should give you 1 ounce.
2 a half ounce and
1 a quarter ounce.

I prefer a fast 8 count.

The 8 count system helps refine pouring  and helps give better accuracy.
A count of one gives a splash or 1/8 of an ounce.

Practice this by starting the pour and counting to 8. Stop at 8.
Then, measure the pour with a jigger.
As a result, your pour should be 1 ounce.

If it isn’t, adjust the speed of your count. 8 = One Ounce. Don’t use 7 or 9 etc… Adjust the speed of the count
to match 8 equaling 1 ounce.

Never count past the number 8. When your pouring more than 1 ounce, restart the count at 1.

Example of an Eight, Four count:    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  1, 2, 3, 4  ——-> This would be 1 and a half ounces or    1 1/2oz.
Counting past 8 will begin to throw off your pour when getting to the bigger numbers that have more syllables (Thirteen, Four teen etc…).

11/8 oz. or a splash
21/4 oz.
41/2 oz.
63/4 oz.
81 oz.

Now that you understand a good counting system you can pour accurately at any bar.

Some bars make their drinks with different amounts of liquor.

For example, Bar A might pour a Screwdriver with 1oz of vodka and Bar B might use 1 1/4oz of vodka.
Now you understand pouring and can work at either bar and pour accurately and consistently.

Generally speaking, being able to pour a proper drink is one way to improve your tips.

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